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Table Data Editor: Insert New Records

Continuing to develop my free extension for editing any table in Business Central directly. This time I offer you the feature to insert a new record in any table!


Since there are people or even companies who use my extension in their work I continue to develop my original idea. I've been thinking for a long time about giving the ability to insert a new record into a table and finally found the time to implement this functionality.
I won't give examples of the code in the article, because it's quite massive and difficult to comprehend. Let me just say that I love working with RecordRef and FieldRef, it's a really powerful tool in Business Central.
I am also open to new ideas and ready to implement them for you. Just let me know about them in the comments, linkedin or at This concerns not only Table Data Editor, if you are interested in a certain topic, you can suggest it and I will probably write about it :)
Source code and application is available on github:
August 2, 2022