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New features for Table Data Editor

I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the Table Data Editor application. I tried to listen to your suggestions and criticism to improve the application. I will still appreciate your feedback, you can also create a Github issue describing the problem.

Thanks to your input the application got the support of new features I want to tell you about.
Important: be careful when changing data in the tables, it may cause errors or loss of important data. All responsibility for misuse of the application rests entirely on your shoulders.

New features

Filtering records before load
Sometimes we don't need to load the whole table in order to change some specific entries. That's why I added the ability to filter the records before loading them. You can add any field and any number of filters. In addition, the Number of Records field will display the actual number of records, taking into account the filtering.
Rename Primary Key values
The application now supports changing primary key values. Currently, support for up to 15 values in PK has been implemented. Why 15? I'll write about that later :) Renaming has its known limitations(see remarks section), for example you can't change Enum/Option to 0 or from 0 to another value.
Exclude FlowField's
Since FlowField's are almost always uneditable, you can exclude them from loading for better performance.
Batch deletion
It is now possible to delete all selected entries.
Opening tables directly
Sometimes it is necessary to open a table directly through a link. For such cases, your link will look like this:
  • <base_bc_url>&page=81003&filter='Table Number' is '<TableNo>' and 'Exclude FlowFields' is '<0 or 1>' and 'Without Validate' is '<0 or 1>'
  • http://localhost/BC/?tenant=default&page=81003&filter='Table Number' is '18' and 'Exclude FlowFields' is '1' and 'Without Validate' is '0'

Source code

Source code and application is available on github:
Tuesday, November 23, 2021

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