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Table Data Editor Application for Business Central (Cloud and OnPrem)

You probably remember the glory days when we had direct access to data in Navision tables. But with the move to Cloud Business Central, we lost that ability. It's probably much safer and more correct, but what if we need to fix some data problem and we know what we're doing? We can write a routine that fixes that problem. But I suggest a better option, this Data Editor extension that allows you to change and delete information from any table in Business Central.
New featuers (part 2)
Important: be careful when changing data in the tables, it may cause errors or loss of important data. All responsibility for misuse of the application rests entirely on your shoulders.


The idea is that you can load any table using RecordRef and FieldRef, and then display the loaded data using a temporary table. Since the number of fields and their type can be arbitrary, dynamic variables are used for visibility. As a result, we get a kind of dynamic "matrix".
Load Table Data
By simply opening the Data Editor from the search box, you can load any table. If you enable the "Without Validation" field then all OnDelete/OnModify/OnValidate triggers will be disabled.
Filter Table Data
You can filter the received data in the same way as usual.
Modify Data
You can change the data in the tables, and depending on the type of field you get a pop-up window with the same type of data. For example, if you try to change a field with the type Date, a pop-up window will open with the date that you can change. Code and Text data types can be changed without opening a pop-up window.
Dynamic Table Relation
If you want to change a field that contains a simple Table Relation, you will also have a lookup available. For example, you don't have to manually write Sell-To Customer No. on the Sales Line, you can select it from the list.
Enum and Option selection
Extension also supports changing ENUMs and Options. Just click on them and you will be presented with a list to choose from.
Delete Record
You can also delete records from tables.

Plans to improve

  1. Add support for changing Primary Key fields.
  2. Add the ability to Insert records into an open table

Source code

Source code and application is available on github:
Monday, September 27, 2021

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