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Visual Studio Code
Useful extensions for AL development

It's no secret that development in VS Code without additional extensions is painful. But, the market of VS Code extensions is rather extensive for AL. I will tell you about those that I use.
AZ AL Dev Tools/AL Code Outline
AZ AL Dev Tools/AL Code Outline — is a set of useful tools in one extension. I advise you to look at a very comfortable and helpful object wizard.


  • AL objects wizards
  • Symbols browser
  • AL symbols outline panel
  • Symbols tree view
  • AL code generators
  • Code actions
  • Action images browser
  • Documentation comments support
  • Code analyzers rules viewer
  • Document syntax visualizer
AL Object Designer
A powerful tool that brings us the familiar Object Designer. Sometimes it seems to me that it is much more convenient than C/AL Object Designer.


  • List Overview of all AL objects in your project: based on symbols (*.app) and your local .al files.
  • List Event Publishers from symbol objects and local files, browse them in the same way as objects.
  • List Event Subscribers from symbol objects and local files, browse them in the same way as objects.
  • Event List view: browse Event publishers of a specific object. Standard events are shown for tables and pages.
  • List Unit Tests available in your own workspace files.
  • Export list to CSV: current view (objects/events/subscriptions) including all records and visible columns — respecting filters — is exported.
GitLens — Git supercharged
Impossible to imagine working with GIT without this extension. List of features so vast that I just put in a quote

GitLens supercharges the Git capabilities built into Visual Studio Code. It helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Git blame annotations and code lens, seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and so much more.

AL Language Tools
Useful tools for testing and translation, also interesting variant report creation tool.



  • Automatically create XLIFF files for languages other than es-US
  • Snippets for translations, captions, labels and other UI texts
  • NOTE: The comment section is used for the translations
  • Snippets for testing
  • Tools to generate testing codeunits and procedures (Under Development)
    Working on features to automatically create test procedures
  • Snippets to create a report. It includes the AL file, the RDL file and a buffer table
  • The report snippet generates a fully runnable report

AL Variable Helper
Comfortable snippets for variables.


  • Easy variable assignment
  • Go to global/local variables — like in the C/SIDE environment.
  • Sort Variables
  • Fix keyword casing
Waldo's CRS AL Language Extension
Pack of custom snippets and tools. The automatic renaming function is one of the main advantages of this extension according to Prefix/Suffix naming requirements.


  • CRS: Run Object (Web Client)
  • CRS: Run Object (Tablet Client)
  • CRS: Run Object (Phone Client)
  • CRS: Run Object (Windows Client)
  • CRS: Rename - Current File
  • CRS: Rename - All Files
  • CRS: Reorganize - Current File
  • CRS: CRS: Reorganize - All Files Note - "Reorganize" will move a test-codeunit to the test-folder
  • CRS: Search Microsoft Docs
  • CRS: Search Google

Todo Tree
This extension quickly searches (using ripgrep) your workspace for comment tags like TODO and FIXME, and displays them in a tree view in the explorer pane. Clicking a TODO within the tree will open the file and put the cursor on the line containing the TODO.
Found TODOs can also be highlighted in open files.